Welcome to The Grey Council
There once was a pub in which sat three people(ish). These people were unhappy. They couldn't work out why they were unhappy as they were doing that which they like, Gaming! While mulling the situation they came to a realisation that they were in fact not doing something that they liked, they were no longer "Gaming"..

Computer gaming is like asking friends for a game of football, or a game of rugby, or a game of scrabble. It is fun, a laugh, something to do to bring people together and enjoy themselves. They realised that they were in fact "Matching" as in a football match, or a rugby match, or a scrabble match. Something done competitively and, for the most part, not the slightest bit fun and all taken just that little bit too seriously.

Upon this Eureka moment the trio hatched a plan. It was genius in its simplicity; to create a place where people could play computer games together without it descending into name calling, optimal mouse placements, wrist braces, energy drinks, and stress. A place where people can come to discuss gaming and not feel pressured to be the best or to have the best gear, and just to get on with those around them in a semi-mature way.

They gathered around them a band of like-minded lassies and lads and brought forth The Grey Council (TGC). Once into our second year we decided to take TGC and unleash it upon the gaming world after being tied to The World of Warcraft. We opened TGC applications to anyone that games. We only asked the same as we always had - that you are polite, enjoy life and don't take gaming too seriously.

As we moved into the wide world of gaming as a whole we decided to focus on two main games, World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic, within both we organised raids, events etc for these games.

But now it seems we have come full circle and with the dawn of Mists of Pandaria upon us we return our focus to the World of Warcraft. TGC is still here to bring people together, we are here to fuse gaming with friendships. If this seems like a place you feel you could call home please do not hesitate to give us a shout and will be more than happy to invite you to become a councillor.

The Grey Council.
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